Ocean City Embracing Social Media

When I moved here in March 2010, Ocean City, NJ had no social media presence. Checking in on FourSqaure required creating a venue each time. Local tweets were limited to teens talking about Paramore or Justin Beiber. Very few stores had Facebook Pages. Local news felt like it was impossible to discover outside of the once a week updates from the nearby newspapers. A little over a year later, things are really beginning to change.

Up to the minute news is readily available via¬†Ocean City Patch. Thanks to the work of Ata Enterprises, local businesses are beginning to find their way onto Facebook. Rely Local is making it easy for vacationers to discover new businesses and for locals to find jobs. The oldest newspaper in town, the OC Sentinel, now features a QR code on it’s cover as well as a weekly coloring contest for kids with results posted on their new Facebook page. The benefits of these efforts are hard to gauge while our town is still filled with mostly locals, but summer business should surely tell the tale of social media success.

In a rapidly changing world, the aforementioned businesses deserve a round of applause. As gargantuan companies like Pepsi and GAP focus more and more attention on social media, our little town is following their lead and finding their own niche.

In an effort to do my part, I’ve generated some content for our local businesses to use as a welcome back/see you soon for their customers.

To post this video on your Facebook page:

1) Copy this URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mj29gg9QyGQ
2) Click the Link tab on your Facebook page
3) Paste the URL into the box and press attach.
4) The video will appear in form of a thumbnail and a headline reading: ‘See You Soon in OCNJ – 2011′. Below that you’ll be prompted to ‘Say Something About This Link…’ The message you type there along with the video will appear in your Fans’ NewsFeed. Hope that info helps the new Facebook users! If you have questions, feel free to contact me at RySimmons@gmail.com! Proud of you OC!.

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